Direct link to REO and BPO companies.

Attached is list of Direct Links to 175 BPO, REO and Asset Management Companies. Some of them may have changed or are no longer in the business. So good luck and wish you much success.Enjoy and share. If you have any experience with any please share it and add comments.Chuck Bukhari


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    • HI Beth - Thank you for the comment and as you said, there is enough to share with everyone so why not. In addition I definately believe in 'Pay-it forward' concept. Take care and wish you the best.
  • I can't open the file,
    can anyone send the list to
    • Try it in the pdf format.


      • It was so generous of  you to upload this list; thank you very much! I will have to see if I have information I can share as well.


        Happy Home Selling,



    • Hi David,

      I will forward it to you shortly in pdf format.
  • Chuck, I am new to the group. How do I leverage this resource, best?
    • Hi Lisa,

      The best way to fill in as many applications as possible. the more effactive way is to team up with an existing REO agent in your office to gain exposure and connection with asset managers. Good luck and wish you much success.
  • Thank you. Great list.
  • Thanks Chuck!
  • Thanks much for sharing this info here in the group.
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