Decline in BPO Orders: Is this widespread?

Has everyone noticed the decline in BPOs these past months?

Seems like BPO Fulfillment, ORT and EML have really slowed down. Just wondering if only a few people have been affected or if it is widespread. Seems to be almost every company now. 

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  • some companies are slower, some are busier, I think that this is cyclical or buyouts. I had one company tell me that the election is messing things up. I think this will eventually iron itself out. One week I am busy, the next week slow.

  • I have a very definite slowdown. My main BPO companies haven't only sent me an inspection or 2 over the past month at least.

    • It is just really odd. I guess it could also be the many buy outs etc . . A lot of my agents have been asked to redo registrations due to buy outs as well as change in platforms. What a headache! 

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