• What state are you ladies in? That sounds great to get $150 per Bpo. I generally do them for $40-$85 per Bpo and it generally takes me about an hour. That's for Capital as well as the other bpo companies I do business with. I generally do about 6 to 10 per day. It's a good living. But I would love to know how you are generating those higher fees on a regular basis. I've been doing it for the last five years. I've even started a website to train other agents how to do it at where I give a client list and everything. But so far, it's very rare that I see things that high for any of my students or myself. Can you fill me in?
  • I have done ALOT of work for Clear Capital over the past decade. Ive always been happy with them. HOWEVER, this past month I noticed a new QC guy pushing me to write the report the way he wanted. I do MANY bpos for MANY companies and I realize how QC works. This was over the top pushing for me to not only change my value by ALOT but also use comps that were SO FAR off that theres NO WAY i would have ever used them. I explained many times WHY I could not use those comps. In the end I was basically told that if I did not do what he was telling me to do then they would reassign and I would not be paid. I refused and let him know that the order was for MY opinion and thats what I gave them. I also explained that I had completed a BPO on the same property through another company just a cple months before where my value was very close and that bpo was submitted and never questioned. I asked VERY NICELY if their client had even had a chance to review my report and the answer was NO because they had a prior from a year ago where the value was much lower and so they didnt want to submit mine because the value was higher. They wanted the 2 to stay "in line" with each other. Oh wait I forgot to mention that the prior had used a singlewide manufactured home with an addition as 1 of their comps for this stick built home that the report was issued for. This was the 2nd BPO that I had completed within that month where the same QC guy ( new by the way) had stood up and demanded I do as he told me to do. When I asked to speak to his super I was told there was no one there to talk to me (according to him). So I hung up and called back and requested his super. She was VERY VERY nasty and asked me "just what it was I wanted". I sent Clear Capital an email after speaking with her and removed myself from their list. I explained that this type of behavior is unethical and I didnt want my name NOR my company name associated with altered inaccurate reports where agents are forced to use comps and value properties as they are told by Clear Capital and that I refused to be on a list where the only interest appears to be for a Brokers name and License # as Clear Capital cannot LEGALLY complete bpos for their clients. Something has changed in a drastic way at Clear Capital and I honestly dont look for them to stand long that way. They never do once they drop ethical behavior. Oh and FYI I charge $150 for interiors and $125 for exteriors. I wouldnt walk out my door for the $50 or less that they offer Brokers. 

    • Thank You Missie for telling your story.  That is exactly what they did to me and they will keep doing to others until people like us start talking about it.  I included all the e-mail in my report that Clear Capitol sent me demanding I use there comps so the lender would see exactly what kind of people they are dealing with.  That really upset CC that I would not take the e-mails out of my appraisal report.  They probably figured the lender would never find out.     

      • I would lay money that it was removed. Ive had companies send me reports back where some of the info had been removed. There really needs to be better monitoring for these companies. Please dont get me wrong. I do NOT think all are bad but I do feel that there are alot of bad ones out there. Its pretty clear from the start if they are good or bad normally. Then again, you have the ones like Clear Capital, USRES, ResNet, ect who change. 

        • I sent the report to the lender so I know they seen all the e-mails.  That is why they turned me into the state.

    • Well, well, well. Clear Capitol thinks by being open 7 days a week, taking on new clients and expecting us agents to play their game. NO WAY.  Karma is coming back to them. The amount of money they get paid by their clients and what they give us is crumbs.  The QC people think they are God!  I left them over 6 years ago and never look back.  Good luck CC...your days are numbered!!!

  • I did an appraisal for Clear Capitol of a higher end home that was assessed over $800,000.  It took me two days to do the 59 page report. My opinion of value was $880,000. I sent it in to CC and there reviewer felt I had over appraised the property and wanted me to use comparables that sold in the $400,000 to $500,000 price range.  I looked at what he sent me and it was quite obvious the comparables that he sent were significantly inferior to the subject in size, quality and amenities.  The subject was a two story with exposed back, all brick, two fireplaces, pillars, crown molding, arched door frames, finished basement, granite and wood floors etc.... basically an execute home.  He wanted me to use a typical ranch home with hardy board siding and nothing going on in the interior.  I refused to do it. So they cancelled the order and re-ordered the appraisal from a different appraiser.  The next appraiser had an opinion of value of $910,000.  Of course that did not fly with them either.  That appraiser was also turned into the state. Then they hired another appraiser who did not go into the house and his value came out to $457,000.  Yes they got a winner!!!!  Now how would you like to be the home owner who paid $875 for an appraisal report and got shit like this back. I was never paid a dime for my report and neither was the second appraiser.  From what I heard this lender does not do business with CC anymore, however I still do with other clients.  If you are looking for a good company to work with I recommend STARS, Solidifi, Streetlinks, and local banks.  As far as I am concerned CC, and  Rels suck. They take most of the a money and leave you with a small bone to chew on while they are all getting fat off your hard work. They treat people with no respect and demand fast turn times. But hey if you all like them go ahead and work for nothing.  All I am saying is there are better companies out there that really do respect your time and hard work. By the way I have been doing appraisal and BPO for 31 years.             

    • Joan, if you talked to them like your post, I can see why they cancelled you, As for turning you into the state for coming in to high that is a joke the state would not even look at a complaint like that.  I think you were cancelled for attitude . 

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