Creative ways to do CASH for KEYS

I'm sure many of us have had our own share of experience doing CFK. What are some of your creative ways of doing them?...Owner absent?..what do you do?....uncooperative tenant?...what's your game?

Would love to hear some and maybe exchange idea's.

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  • I always comes with compassion/sympathy and letting them know that my goal is to help them get the CFK check, but in order to do that I will need their cooperation because the "bad" bank will evict them within 3-4 weeks here in WA anyways... might as well "help me to help them."  That seems to work best for me most of the time.


  • Hi Roody, 

    I usually will leave my card on the door or taped to  the mail box  with a brief note asking them to call me.  Sometimes they do call and I have the chance to explain the CFK offer.  I wish there were a more creative way also.

    I find that sometimes tenants are excited about the CFK offer and will work with me on it.  Other times I get ignored completely.  Several times when I approach the occupant and offer CFK and they find out the proceedures of me needing to do an initial inspection/ walk thru they don't allow it.  After  the time passes and they have to vacate the home I then go in for inspection and the home is destroyed.  Sometimes them taking the kitchen sink. I am guessing this is one of the reasons they avoid CFK offer.

    • Same here in NY. they destroy, vandalize, steal...everything. I guess the thing is, the money they're getting is not enticing them enough. A few hundred to a few thousand is not cutting it anymore.

      When I come across a difficult situation where I can't find the home owner, I usually give the tenants a few dollars on the side to call me when the owner is coming around to pick up rent...that usually helps.

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