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In the past month I have gotten notice from my bank that on two separate occasions I have had checks from Consolifated Analytics returned for nonpayment.  Anyone else had a problem with them lately?  I cannot get anyone at the company to respond to my emails regarding this matter.

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  • Hmmm, have not had the incident with them but will pay attention
  • That's usually the first indication that a BPO company is having financial difficulties. Sometimes they are being squeezed and not charging their clients enough. Sometimes their clients are not paying them either in a timely manner or at all. But that is a real signal to be cautious.
    I forget which company went out of business some years back but as the payments took longer and longer and agents were complaining on line, I stopped taking new orders, was pretty much paid up, and they went out of business. Turned out their major client wasn't paying. I think the client was a major bank.
    Just be careful.
  • I did and it was a $35 check and asked them to replace it and they did and the replacement check cashed. I found out 2 months later my bank charged me $35 for the returned check fee. Was too late to ask for it back. Not happy!
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