Commercial BOV/BPO

Looking for Nationwide Commercial BPO/BOV companies?

Knowing the true value of real estate has never been more important. Whether you are making a loan decision or trying to evaluate an REO asset, accurate valuations are imperative if you are to make an intelligent decision. PCV Murcor has been providing the most accurate, highest quality appraisals and BPOs to lenders and servicers for over 30 years.

We realize Commercial BPO/BOV companies are popping up across the country but only a few actually have Commercial Appraisers to review reports and guide brokers into the right direction when needed. Our knowledge and experience on a nationwide scale accurately reflects the highest quality product we offer. Our products ranges from Commercial Land, Industrial properties, small and large office buildings, small and large apartment buildings, retail and restaurants etc... PCV Murcor is building steam in the Commercial Broker Price Opinion also known as Brokers Opinion of Value sector of real estate. We have quickly mounted a strong customer bases for Servicing the Commercial BOV product Nationwide and are looking to expand our Commercial Vendor panel. We are looking for vendors across America that have experience in the Commercial side of Real Estate to partner with us. If you are interested in completing Commercial BPO/BOV's, please visit and join our network or Call (888)623-4001 and ask to speak to Edmund Adams

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