Anyone doing business with these guys.  I've been to their website but it really doesn't tell me a lot.  Doesn't appear to involve any investment on the part of the broker but like most of us who seriously handle REOs time is money.  Just looking for the benefit of your experiences with Collaborate.54

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  • Legitimate company.  I have handled many REOs through this company.

  •  Bob, Gerry et al.

    3Point Asset Management manages our REO portfolio through several different outsourcers, and we directly select agents based on historical volume of providing us asset level intelligence up to and including BPO’s. In opposition to Mr. Wordehoff’s comment, we are not a BPO reseller. I have answered questions regarding who and what we are on REOpro which can be viewed here:

    Our goal is to maintain the highest possible ethical and accuracy standards by utilizing the best real estate agents in the country to provide valuations, market color and ultimately sales management. I apologize directly to Mr. Wordehoff if our solicitations are bothersome. I have made immediate mandates that will prevent future communication with you. Please visit our webpage directly at or our linkedin profile at .

    3Point Asset Management
    Evening Guys....I'm getting solicitations from this company.  As always with companies I'm not familiar with I ask questions.  Anyone familiar with t…
    • I am in locating in Washington state, Seattle area.

    • Matt,

      I have followed the instruction on the page and sent an email to with the subject line "add me" back on 01/07/2012, but have not heard any response.  Can you please help me?

    • This is my personal opinion, I have done several BPOS for 3point, and funny thing they did infact turned into listing, unfortuanelty not for me and for a couple of my friends with other brokerages, I did cal them and asked them i would like the opprotunity to list there assets an they saud I was on there data base. My though is that even though I did not get the asset on the BPO I did at least a friend of mine did, it is unfortunate that i did the work for free, but thats the cost of buisness. I went into this career with that being in mind. I have heard only good things from 3point and still will wait for an opportunity from them.

  • I have been deleting their emails soliciting free work. I'm pretty sure they are getting paid. However, an agent in my office is giving them a try. We'll see.
  • I have never heard of this company.
    • 3 Point Asset Management
  • I just received 2 bpos from them and they were so easy, and they are very easy to get a hold of.


    Here is the number just in case you want more info 9492014196

    • Yumi - thanks for the info.  My BPO business is intended as a gateway for REOs.  Do you know much about the REO side of these guys.  Thanks..Bob
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