• Can someone please send me the citi broker appliaction? Please email it to me. I cannot find it anywhere online.



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  • Do you happen to know where I can download CitiFinancial Mortgage REO Broker Application?
  • This is all great information - but my problem is that I am a fairly new broker, and just to be able to get on the REO lists you have to have REO experience...but I can't get any experience I can't get on the lists. I have been completing BPO's regularly for the past 6 months, but no luck for listings. HELP!! What am I doing wrong?
    • Hi Candida. I would suggest working on someone’s team for a while as a buyer’s agent. This is experience that you can then put on your resume as well as learning the ropes so to speak. I would also suggest as many networking opportunities as possible. If you have any smaller banks in your area see if you can meet with a VP at the bank and ask how they handle their defaults (assuming they do/did home loans). If not they might be able to refer you. Lists are just that, and you are just one of thousands who are on these lists. Get noticed. Good luck.
      • Very good answer Michael. I think working as part of somebodies REO team is one of the best ways to break into the business. Otherwise you would have to do a tremendous amount of bpo's and get lucky. You can still do your bpo's while working on a team and that would be even better. I think the bpo only route has the lowest success rate for getting established.
        • I am just so tired of watching good agents get ripped off by buying lists, paying for do nothing seminars or paying these bogus companies to "get on" lists that phantom asset managers supposedly review. These companies are taking advantage of desperate people who are trying to do anything to stay in Real Estate. You have a better chance of winning the lottery. Yes, I do know a few people who have had success with this approach but that was over three years ago. If you want in now you need to swallow your pride a bit a work with someone who is already "in"...and I agree George, keep doing the BPO's.
    • Just keep doing a good job on the BPO's it takes a number of years and lots of BPO's before you move up the ladder. This is definately a business of patience! Good Luck
  • FYI:

    These courses have been on the books of RealEstateEducate for a long time, several years to be in fact. Truth is PAS (Premier Asset Services aka Wells Fargo) has required the RDCPro designation to be one of thier agents and have used from the start. It's my opinion that PAS was one of the very first customers landed and therefore, the training was tailored around them. has since expanded thier training and has tailored it for additional customers and are bringing on some heavy hitters such as Citi, Wells Fargo (Long Time Customer) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I have thier RDCPro designation and as I have always said, the best training I have ever had has come from but, my problem with them is that they have never actively promoted thier agents so, even though you have the training, you may not get the business but, that is another story for another time.

    Now as to the details of the training. If you are already a Citi Mortgage REO Agent, it was my understanding all you need to complete is the Advanced Evaluations and the Citi Mortgage Specific training, which does come to about $700.00.

    To become a Citi Mortgage Broker you will need to.....

    1. Complete the CitiFinancial Mortgage REO Broker Application
    2. Complete a W-9
    3. Attache a copy of your current RE License for Broker and all agents assigned to Citi.
    4. Provide proof you have access to your MLS
    5. Provide a map of your coverage area (list out counties and zip codes)
    6. Provide proof of E&O Insurance, minimum $250,000.00 in coverage.
    7. Provide proof of required education through has been completed satisfactorialy.

    The thing to remember is, you can't take the Citi course until you have been invited to do so. The only way to get invited is by completeing steps 1-6. By the way, if you don't have the RDCPro designation....then expect to spean close to $1,700.00 for your required education.
    • Where do I confirm if I have the RDCPro designation?
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      Were can we fine the CitiFinancial Mortgage REO Broker Application!
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