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Here is the message I received this morning.  Any comments?




This is it! Please submit ANY and ALL offers on EVERY listing you have!!! Chrisley will only have the remaining listed inventory for another week(ish).


I am not positive as to what day the assets will be moved to another AMP at this time. I do know that we are trying to put as many under contract in the next few days as possible!!!!


Send us EVERYTHING you can! 


If you need a reduction, tell us!

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  • Chrisley is into me for bounced checks and past invoices also.   If I had any listings with them, I would give them back to Chrisley.  Cut your losses.  It is a shame.  They were a great company to work for and I feel for all their employees. 

    • Hey George/Jim....Receive any money from Chrisley yet?

  • These people are nothing short of pigs. I have enough bounced checks to plaster a Fannie Mae Asset. I find it hard to believe that any reputable company bounces checks and then runs and hides.

    • Hey George, how much do they owe you? They owe me around $800.00. I actually have been emailing Fannie Mae about this and they have really been no help at all. I told one of the collection reps at Fannie that I was going to shut off the utilities on the last property I have with Fannie through Chrisley and he told me it was against Fannie Mae policy to do that. So what, we are supposed to keep paying bills on a property when we KNOW we are not going to get reimbursed. This Fannie/REO/Outsourcer situation is such a mess! You know that whatever money Chrisley owes you they already got back from Fannie!

      • Hi John, They owe us about 2600.00 not including overdraft fees. I have also been in contact with Fannie and they have been somewhat helpful but the problem remains unsolved. I have approached other Chrisley Entities demanding payment and they are just deer in the headlights. If I do not hear from them by the end of the week I am going to file a complaint, I have no other choice. I understand the situation they are in and we would have been more than happy to work out some payment arrangement but the bad checks are a total disregard.

        • What kills me is that you KNOW that Chrisley has already been reimbursed by Fannie for the $2600.00 they owe you so now that they know they are basically out of business, no need to pay you....I see in Todd Chrisley's website though things look like all is well!......If you would keep me posted on your progress, I am adrift as you are and I am really getting tired of us brokers being the slaves for these banks and in the end we cannot even get back money that is owed to us. Let me know your progress and if you have any intelligent leads to get money back. If you end up filing maybe I will join you. Thanks man! 

  • They have been pushing me hard to sell off the last couple of properties I have listed with them and I know that the majority of their asset managers were launched.....

  • Yeah, Chrisley lost their Fannie Mae MLA so, they are trying to get everything in they can.


    • I was so sorry to hear that Chrisley no longer has the Fannie Mae contract. They are great to work with!

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