Chase Loss Mitigation Direct Contact?

I'm having the toughest time with Chase. It took several months to get to the negotiator, do the bpo and to get them to look at the offer. They countered the offer and when my buyer (now a new buyer) came close, the negotiator is nowhere to be found. Now when I call, they tell us to get at the back of the line.Does anyone have a contact that they can share with me that might help us push this thing through?

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  • I just heard back from my contact at Chase - the move is not complete and probably will not be until after the first of the year - meanwhile, if you have an EMC Mortgage Short Sale(JP Morgan Chase) here is the fax and phone numbers:


    866-275-6095 phone number
    This is only for EMC properties.
    As soon as the Chase Short Sale Negotiators make the move to Lewisville, TX I will let everyone know. Hope this helps!
  • Update on Chase - ALL of the Short Sale Negotiators are moving to their Lewisville, TX office. I have contacts - I will find out if the move has been complete and then provide the 800 number.
    "Set-up" dept (before they are assigned to a negotiator): 866-566-3765
    Also have this number for Loss Mitigation: 800-437-4892
    Fax (Phoenix office): 602-680-1584

    Chase loans based out of Florida
    Loss Mitigation: 866-307-8268
    Fax: 866-282-5682
    Direct Fax: 813-864-7257
    • Thank you for this information. I was using an Attorney/Title company to negotiate Short Sales where there was a first and second mortgage.

      They just dropped the ball.....I now have good assistants and a cracker jack Title Company to work with. It is the only way for me to stay on top of the negotiating.

      I have not worked with Chase in 6 months, mostly Bank of America. Just got a new listing her in Cape Coral with Chase, so this information will be helpful, as mine is dated.
  • Chase is one of the HARDEST short sale banks to deal with. I have had one going on 18 months now.

    Hopefully this person can help you:

    Pamela Bethea, Assistant Vice President, LS Department Manager, 843-673-4636. (

    Good luck!
  • Joshua, I would like to know if you closed your SS with Chase? I have one file with them and am going through hell tring to get hold of the negotiator. Any contacts or phone numbers will be appreciated.
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