Bulk Assets related to Real Estate

Hello everyone,I have contacts looking to buy bulk assets, related to Real Estate.Performing notes, Non performing notes, and REO's..Because of the current market conditions a lot of the asset managers have move around. Does anyone have any contacts with product?Thanks!Ralph

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  • Ralph,

    I too have plenty of contacts with access to bulk assets. My number is 440-725-1684. I was just involved with a closing of 1000 assets last week. I would love the opportunity to put you in contact with my people!

    Joel Ott
  • Ralph, I just had an asset manager ask me last week if I knew anyone that would be interested in buying notes . Email me if you are interested in buying note sales. The asset company is located in Orange county California.

    Thanks, Jessica
    Serving Orange and Los Angeles County
    • Hi Jessica, I have buyers interested in performing notes.

      Ralph San Roman
  • Hi Ralph,
    I have numerous great contacts for Bulk Assets, mostly REO's, not many notes. Do your buyers have a letter of intent prepared? We also require buyer's bank Certification Letter with 2 bank officer signatures from institution where liquid funds are being held for the purchase of the REO portfolio, (reference number in lieu of account number is permissible and the buyer’s identity is not required to be revealed). Of course, you are probably very experienced in this department, but I have multiple people who approach me that are interested in buying a tape and rarely have the information prepared. Let me know if I can be of further assistance to you.

    • Hi Lily,
      are you direct to the banks? We have buyers that we proof up first , receive LOI's and have them fill out Fee agreement's and NCND's before we even move forward. We have lost some of our asset manager contacts in the past few months and are currently looking for new contacts.

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