• I experienced a similar delay in payments. What I did was that when they called me for more BPO work, I said I would not do any until I got paid for what I already did. They transferred me to accounting and after doing this about three times I finally got a fat check for all the past BPO's. In hindsight I would not do more work for them, why should I have to work to get paid?

  • Ive done over 170 for them in the last 2 years... In the past it has been a pain to get paid.  I was actually gearing up to call them again last week for late payments and ended up receiving a $300 check before I called.  I will say valuation Visions is great to work for.  I completed a BPO for them 3 weeks ago and recieved a check early this week.  Super easy form, most of form is autfilled after entering address

  • Did one or two a couple of years still waiting for their gratification??? Don't use them anymore.

  • I have done 10 for since November of 2011, and I have NOT received any payments!

  • Talk to their accounting department, you will eventually get paid. I have done BPO's for them but I won't work with them anymore because of these payment problems
    • Ryan:
      Thank you for your reply. I had a go around with the accounting dept who claimed I was not part of the system. However the gal that assigned me has promised "the check is in the mail"-actually to be mailed tomorrow 1/28/2010. If I get it I shall let you know. These BPOs are so time consuming and the pay is so low that having to fight for the check is a total waste.
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