These knot heads have been playing the " we are working through some system issues, training new people, our dog ate" BS for the last 4 years, I quit working with them 3 years ago and I can't believe for the life of me that agents are not all up on their practices. They owed me around $1300.00 and I was so fed up with them I called and asked to speak to the owner, of course they would not so I asked just curiously what is his name....Of course the morons on their phone system gave me his name and so I waited 3-4 hours, called back and asked for the owner by name, they asked if they could take a message and I said " I was just returning his call" BAM! they patched me through to him....Caught that idiot off guard and had my money in about 2 weeks....Try it....

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  • This is frustrating. I can't believe they do this to all agents. I feel like they just don't pay and find new agents. I hope I can get the word out to most bpo agents. 

  • Check this out. Class action lawsuit filed against them. & First Valuation Subject of Recent Class Action Lawsuit
    As blogged by Peter Christensen on Sunday December 8, 2013, a class action lawsuit was filed against and First Valuation LLC,…
  • Do you know his name? They owe me for 31 bpo's. They are not even responding to e-mails. I would recommend that no one do any work for them! 

    • His name is Walt Coats.  Let him know you are filing complaints with the BBB and attorney general in Colorado.

      Also if you do a search for him you will see his name attached to a real estate company and there is a phone number there you can at least try to get his attention.  We received a check the other day for orders completed in Aug 2012.  Good Luck

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