Does anyone know what banks give this company work to send to agents? Shouldn't we be able to go after the banks that are giving them work to assign us? I just filed a complaint with the BBB. I would like to know how to be a part of the class action lawsuit. 

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  • Has anything come from this lawsuit.  Can we still get in on it?

  • this is the link

    You can call Whitney Stark, the attorney on this case, at (206) 816-6603. She is in Seattle   There is a high volume of calls on this....I have called, I have proof of all the work they requested from me, along with the pictures of the properties.  Hopefully I can at least get a % of what I am owed.


    • Thanks, Diana!

      I'm calling attorney this afternoon!

      More as it develops.

  • I know Harris Bank does or at least our local branch in Port Washington WI does

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