• There are so many scams in the REO/BPO business today.

    Send me $19.95 and I'll tell you how to avoid them. ;)

    • LOL LOL

  • They are at it again.  I never joined, but I just received the following email from them...

    Dear Members,


    Your listing at is due to expire


     Cost for renewal is only $18.95


    You can also renew with Lifetime Membership for only $98 and get placed at the top of your state for 50% off the normal price by clicking on the link below:



    BPORE - Solutions for REO and Asset Management Companies
  • I've been getting their spam for 2 years. Their first web site was covered in Google ads, I guess that was the only way they could pay for the site! Speaking of Google, run a search for them, not a lot of good said about them.
  • Hi Tara

    I do think that we will be wasting our time with these types of site. Asset management companies don't have time to and look for a real estate agent, they have thousands that are contacting them daily. Therefore, I think paying any fee to "create a profile" so that an asset management company can find you, i think is a waste of time and money.How come we know that all the asset managers know their site too.
  • Did you join any feed back?

    I got the same/similar request to join them today.  Usually I pass on anything that I have to pay to play, but this is so cheap.

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