BPO virtual assistant

Has anyone ever used one of these companies (seems like they are all in India) that will fill out the BPO form for you??? These "virtual assistants" Advertise in various places but has anyone ever used them?? If so what are your reviews or recommendations? Thanks

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  • I miss the old days when agents actually did the work themselves and could command "proper payment" for their work...just saying

  • yes-I have been working with a girl in India-she is wonderful, she accepts and types my reports. she has really changed my life,much more free time, and worth everypenny. DO NOT USE ANY ONE FROM THE PHILIPINES!!!  lshinde2000@gmail.com

    • Why not the Philippines? 

      • the quality and reliability of the girl in India far outsurpasses the girl in the Phillipines. 

        • I wouldn't think that one "girl" represents the work quality of a whole country.

        • Turbo BPO is proudly powered by the Philippines since 2011. Agents have the ability to Outsource or Automate. Free order management software which includes Google Maps verified addresses, tax record, photo uploads, inspection notes, easy accounting & more.


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