BPO Opportunity in Canyon City Oregon


I have a BPO I am trying to help Keystone Asset place in Canyon City Oregon. If anybody from central or Eastern Oregon is available contact me right away. Keystone is a full service Asset Management Company and they do assign assets. I worked for over a year trying to get in with their vendor network! This may be your opportunity to get in with them. I am 265 miles away!

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  • Thanks Ameritax - after striking out with all of the directory sites I am part of I think I was able to place it with a broker from central Oregon through some contacts I have over there. I guess people don't want REO business like they used to 3 years ago. Took me all morning! Unbelievably one had listed a Keystone Asset turned it down! And to think I was gearing up to go 530 miles round trip because of 3 BPOs they previously assigned me if I could not place it and if they wanted me to.

  • Derrick - Whats the address? I can maybe find a photo shooter over there - 

    We are an Outsourcer (not the bad kind- I'm in New York City by the way) for Real Estate Brokers - think Virtual Assistants for Brokers - Our firm serves 75+ brokers around the country - We do Signups to new companies, Order Capture ( We have a team of people doing manual order capture- thank G*d the auto accept people are getting a come uppance..lol!)  ), BPO Data Entry (we do 2500+ BPO reports a month), Doing MMR's etc - you can go to www.theameritaxway.com or learn more at 


    (Derrick I'm answering your query- not a solicitation by the way) 


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