• Aaron, I understand they pay a little low like around $40 for an exterior.  But you know they get bulk orders. We just completed about 300 orders for one client this month 70, 41, 96, 34 respectively for others.They also get renatals which pays $20. So its a volume deal which i'm sure you wouldn't want to miss. More over they pay the realtors unlike others. If you need some one to complete orders for you then you can always get in touch with us..

    • They are not the only companies that do volume, bulk orders. There are others and they pay more and faster. You must be on the team at BPO Fulfillment. I just cannot see the benefit in doing a BPO for $40. After I did the calculations the distance of the properties from home, it did not make sense to me. If you live in an area that is not so rural, it might work for you, but I'm dealing with country miles, and comps are sometimes harder to find out here. 

      • Hi Doris who are some of the other companies, if you don't mind sharing.  I'd like to add to my list.  Currently working with BPO Fulfillment and Computer Share

      • Doris, Yes,i'm not denying the fact that other companies do give out bulk orders.

        Like in Indiana and Indianapolis which is an Urban area. But in case of a rural area definitely doesn't make sense doing it for $40.

        I,m not from bpo fulfillment..  We provide assistant services for Realtors who do BPO's.

        Please visit our site might be off interest for you.

  • Read this report on them.

    • I never miss one check from them.....

      • What is there turn time in getting checks from them I have a invoice here from 50 days age thanks @ Robert

  • Yes I work with them, and is a very nice company and the most important, always pay.....

    • Robert, they can always pay because they are keeping all of the money and you are doing all of the work. This is a professional job, not a minimum wage job, and therefore should not be paid as such. What part of the country are you in, I know with gas prices what they are here in Georgia, it is not worth taking a BPO drive by for $40 because by the time you drive to and from the BPO, your money is gone especially with the way the counties are designed here in Georgia.

      • Well, just I can say is I have a good relation with them and I see your point totally from different view. Is your decision to accept or not BPO's orders from this company or any other. Now if you expect to received REO's Listings, well I have no idea about your State.........

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