• I'm really starting to get annoyed by their form.  99% of the orders I submit come back with "Data Discrepancy" for no reason.  Does anybody else get this message:

    • Sale1 - The comparable that you have chosen is unable to be validated by MLS data. Please provide a detailed comment in the "Discrepancy Comments" on the Price Opinion tab providing the full name of the MLS where the comparable was obtained AND upload the MLS PDF and MLS number on the Sold/Listed Comparables tab
  • Green River Capital uses the BPOfulfillment platform to post their BPO orders.  I have worked for Green River Capital for years. they have used 4 or 5 different platforms for their REO and BPOs.

    They have given me consistent listings and BPOs. But they have also been CONSISTENTLY CHEAP !!!

    They offer a lower commission and pay less for BPOs than any other company.  And they expect more work. Like weekly inspections with 125 photos,  well that is an exaggeration, but you get the point.  I decided I am too old and mean to be under valued. So, I have not been accepting any of their BPO orders lately. And I turned down the last listing assignment where I was going to end up with 1.5%

  • I do a lot of business with Green River. Pay is good, sometimes 45 days

  • Here's a update from my post in this blog:  Back  in Dec 2016 I accepted a order for $130.00 from BPO FULLFULLMENT  Well, I am Still waiting for the check. Anyone know where to contact management to see about getting paid, or should I just chalk it up to a loss?

    • It takes anywhere from 45-90 days to get paid depending on what company.  If it goes farther than 90 days, call the company.

    • Bpofulfillment is the platform. You have to know which company ordered it. I never had payment problems with Mainstreet BPO. Green River still uses it. I forget what other companies use it. 

    • I am waiting on checks from several companies and have been for over a month now. Why are they paying so slow now?

  • pay good but uses LPS Invoice management to input the invoicing.

  • I have never done BPO's with this company but I currently have a listing with then. Their pay to the listing agent is horrible  1.625% and they expect and lot and deliver nothing.  When I have a question I never get a reply, either by phone or email. I do however get paid back for the utilities in approx 1 week. I won't take another assignment from them again.

  • I haven't done any work for GRC for more that 2 years and I won't as longs as they keep low balling the fee's.

    They aren't going to change any time soon as long as there are agents who think $37.50 is a fair price for their time and talents wear & tear on their car Etc. They think their going to get a listing out of it.. Good Luck with that!! Even if they do GRC will low ball them on that too

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