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In the past I've completed many BPO's for a company called "Main Street" back in 2002 up until maybe 2012. I never had a problem with payment or  fee's to complete BPO's. The average fee for an exterior or interior BPO was $55-65. Last year I received notice that the name "Main Street" was being changed to "BPO Fulfillment". This appears not to be the same company. You talk about slow pay, I haven't been paid for assignments completed in January and when I contact them regarding pymt, I'm told to send a email and they will get back to me because they don't have an accounting department on site. I've stopped completing assignments for "BPO Fulfillment", but, I see numerous assignments coming to my email everyday. Many of these assignments pay $30. Why are agents accepting BPO's and completing them for $30. I'm insulted when I get a email requesting to complete a assignment for $30. I always decline them and/or request a higher fee. When I complained to "BPO Fulfillnment", it was made clear to me that agents accept them and complete them for $30; there is no need to pay more. Do agents realize that they can earn more working at a McDonalds and get paid every other week. Has anyone been paid by "BPO Fulfillment"? Some of their exterior assignments pay $60-65. These are the only assignments I accepted. But, too date, I haven't been paid for any assignments completed this year. I will not complete another assignment until I get paid. BPO's have gotten more complicated and require more research and time to professionally complete these days. I'm going to open a BPO company -accept a BPO exterior for $65 and send out an email blast and see how many agents I get to complete it for $30. It seems, I can make $35 off each one. What an idea????? Herman      

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  • I know of no other company. I did the work for "BPO Fullfillment" aka "Main Street Valuations". They have NOT paid me. 

    • For instance, I just got an order from Appraisal Nation on BPOFulfillment.  Payment would come from Appraisal Nation, not BPOFulfillment.  Main Street Valuations is also a separate paying entity.  My payments for Main Street orders always came from Main Street after the platform was renamed. 

      • that is good to know.  I have noticed that any work done for Green River Capital gets paid mid month every month like clockwork. I have done a few for Carrington and also Main street. I have always gotten paid from Carrington but I am not too sure now about Main Street, nothing yet. I did bpos for them in the past and they paid me, but now I am hearing they are slow to pay.  I have not gotten paid yet for Carrington. I would prefer Green River Capital, but it seems like their bpos get accepted right away. Main street stays on the site for away.

    • Justine is correct. You need to pay attention to the specific company using the platform that is not paying. You will never get a payment from BPOFulfillment.  The payments come from the individual company that uses the platform. 

  • I have had the same experience-it's a shame folks will work for $30. I surmise that they are on auto accept 

  • I kept getting email requests from BPO and ignored them because of the low fees. Then they called me with a request for a rush in my town for $100. I looked here and on google and saw they paid slow and also asked a broker friend and she said they are slow, but her agent said she got paid for hers. Anyway I accepted the one rush since it was an easy one and told them I wouldn't accept anymore til I saw how they paid since they claimed they do pay but in 45-60 days. I told the girl that was ridiculous and would she like to have to wait 60 days for pay and she said no. In the meantime, they keep,calling me for rush orders which I figure they'll keep getting brokers to do these adding up to hundreds of dollars in fees owed, but then never pay and that's why I won't do anymore til I see if I get paid for this one rush order. I've had it with these scam companies over 7 years with IAS who eventually went bankrupt. I think you should go ahead and do what you said. If some of these newbies accept $30 they're crazy and make it impossible for the rest of us to make a living. I can make more money selling years of accumulated stuff in my house on craigslist, Amazon or Ebay and have done that. BPO Fulfillments forms are too much to fill in and confusing. Thanks for posting this and good luck.
    • It is not ideal to wait 60 days to get paid but they do pay every two weeks so if you do a lot of work for them you will see checks every two weeks, just on orders you did 60 days prior.

      There are months where they sent me over $1,000 in winter for late summer orders which was nice because the bpo orders were slower in the winter for me. 

      I dont do BPO's anymore so not sure what they are like now but they did send payment to me on every order I completed without me having to call and hassle them.

      • I completed BPO's for them in February and March. They owe me $480. I have called to complain several times. I get one gal named Christine who swears they will pay me, but that they are back logged. Totally unacceptable. I have refused doing any more for them. I got an email a few weeks ago from Christine saying they are still behind schedule. Ridiculous. 

  • I too have received $30 BPO 'opportunites' from Main Street...an easy & always pass. My time, gas cost & collection stress exceeds this 'opportunity'. 

    "BPO Fulfillment" is a tech company...several BPO companies use this site. A difficult demanding site at best. 

    • I agree , their form is very time consuming to fill out along with all the uploading of MLS  sheets and remarks. They pay very slow. I will never understand why they don't pay a decent fee up front instead of rush orders in 12 hours. They can keep them. there are other companies I prefer to work for

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