On my quest for a new venture I began doing BPO's for one company.   I've been a Real Estate Agent for 13 years, yet I am new to the world of Broker Price Opinions.  While reading through different discussions, I see many complaints about companies that don't pay, yet have to dig to find information on good companies.  Good companies I would describe as those that provide bpo assignments (or a chance to accept assignments), pay, are easy to communicate with, and eventually lead to more business opportunities.  This forum is a great way to communicate and give feedback on experiences, and I am hoping  this  discussion will help others who are starting out just like me . Thanks

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  • I was doing over 300 bpo's per year.  Then I changed agencies and my new company started taking a fee- it wasn't worth it besides the fact I had an 8.5 x 11 page of passwords i had to use. And an article in our New York State Realtors magazine last year stated you could get fined $10K if you got paid directly from the bpo company which I was!   Like Sandra below most of the BPO mills were trying to get your price down and I just declined those.  I've worked on bpo's for most of the companies on Ryan's list. Clear Capital, RRReview, Pro-Tech & Goodman Dean being the most consistent.  Trinity Inspections is another reputable one.   I basically started because I was new to this area and wanted to learn the neighborhoods and it increased my pricing skills as not one bpo was kicked back because of price - or anything else.  Hope this helps.

    • Noreen, You may want to consider starting your own firm.  I am a broker owner.  I could not be happier.  More double dips. I was a broker and division manager at a very large firm.  I had the highest split also.  Problem was 1) I was never getting any calls from own properties 2) I always had to wait to get paid.  3) Don't need a name brand to sell and list short sales and foreclosures. The owner was nice but could not pay me any more.  My office is just down the street from old firm . I have an office condo. I love it. 

      • No thanks - don't need those headaches.  I am competing with 9000 other agents in my market - I would get swallowed up if I opened my own brokerage when there are 3 big ones here now!  My company does give us calls on our own listings - that's really good.  We do not have a lot of foreclosures here right now - Westchester County, NY.  And short sales are taking way too long!

  • Groundwork inspection pay every 30 days and the work is very easy, can do from your IPhone. 

  • One important thing to consider is price points  I cover several counties and have different prices based on travel time for each as well as interior or drive by.  I will NOT give my time away with $30 and $40 BPOs .  If they want to haggle with the price I simply decline.  One guy wanted to haggle me from $ 50 to $40 I refused. next day he called and wanted it for $50. I told them that yesterday today it is $100.  He called me a b-- I refused and then got him in trouble.  For a week they could not find a person to their bpo.      

    • Yes..,.thats the point I was trying to get across.

  • Altisource pays like clockwork. Sometimes multiple times per week. I think it's 2 weeks from the submission date. Autodeposits are super. $40 minus $1 for use of Realtrans entry system on a driveby. $65 for an interior minus $2.50 I think. Sometimes their email shotgun system stops working or they stop using it periodically. Then you might get a phone call or an email requesting your fee and turn time.
    • And those are only starting prices. I negotiate based on distance and driving time.
      • You are so missing the point.......its not meant to be criticism..........I want agents to understand this so they can make more money....YOU are the rude one..as far as ignorant..I don't know or care.

    • Why oh why would anyone do bpo's for $40 or $50??? Not less than one hundred for me..ESPECIALLY if its further out. The ones that pay less pay LESS because some realtors will do it..crazy!

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