• Fees are what I consider low (sub $50.00) so I don't accept them as my area is somewhat rural so gas & time don't pan out.  Occasionally they will call and a few times agreed at $75.00.  Same with LPS. Valuations, I decline unless they up the fee.  Rather do 10 a month at $750 than 20 for $900 (20 hours more work for $150, no thanks.)  Maybe they will drop me for that practice but I rarely get BPOs returned so I save them time.

  • I like working for them, I usually get orders in bulk and the pay isn't great, around $45...but the last bulk order I got were all within 10 miles of each other and my home so I got the pictures done in 1-1/2 hours. The form is not that bad once you get used to it, I got my system down and I can complete one in 30 minutes, 45 if it's more difficult to comp with more commentary. For the uploading of comp MLS sheets, our MLS gives me the ability, once I select my six comps, to do one PDF file with all comp sheets, which means I only have one document to upload for that. They have always paid me within 30-45 days with no issue.

  • They pay slow. They will cut the check and hold it for a couple of weeks. The form is difficult.

  • I am in Miami and I work with them doing BPOs. They pay and have a good Support in my experience. Sarah at the department of QC is great and very cooperative at any time, giving constructive advises in how to do the studies and Robin at the Accounting Department is very preoccupied for the payments. I had an inconvenient with a check and she was on top of the situation all the time until I received the funds. I highly recommend Consolidated Analytics and I hope they'll make the form more comfortable to work with.

  • They want a lot of extra downloads for the money and than send you a check for $25.00 instead of the agreed upon number, they send back way to many orders for "BS" I have been in this business for 30 years and these people have no clue period.

  • In my area they pay $45 for exterior. I've never had a problem getting paid. Normally 6-8 weeks.

  • Have done a couple for problem with paying..Just make sure your photos don't have date stamp!

  • I see trending along the lines of Evalonline. Be careful. I was forced to tell them I would not do any more work until I seen a check. They get very upset when you question them. I have finally gotten a couple sizeable checks from them but only approx. half of what the owe me and it has taken 7 months at that.

  • I have not done an awful lot for them but they have paid. I found the forms to be kind of frustrating at first but then again, whenever I do work for a company I have not worked for in the past it seems I don't care for their forms. I chalk it up to being a creature of habit...

  • I am in Miami and I have done more than 20 cases with them, they pay but it takes more than a month. I agree with the others that the system is really a pain in the head (I have made this comments to theirs Customer Relations Department that by the way is good and very cooperative). I recommend it instead of the other companies that make work and don't pay. 

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