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Hello everyone,

I wanted to get some insight from the professionals here. I have become busy enough doing BPO orders and I am looking to hire a assistant to simply drive to the properties and take pictures then upload them to the various sites, I will continue to do all BPO orders myself. My question is what is a fair pay scale for doing this? I was thinking 9-10.00 per hour plus mileage. Any input would be very helpful.


Thank you,

Dave Grant

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  • I pay my gal $5 per bpo.  She gathers info on the property, enters data, upload photos and such.  I do the inspections, pull the comps, finish it up and submit.  Most of the companies I work for require that I do the inspections and comps.
    • Diane- I could use about three of your assistants! Curious- does she work in your office, out of her home, how do you handle MLS access, etc.





  • Hi there,

    I sounds like a good plan, the only problem is the possibility that you might be in breach of contract with the BPO company....  I know I have some providers that specifically mention that ALL photos and the actual visual INSPECTION has to be done by the BPO agent his/herself....  only clerical duties, such as data entry, uploading, etc. are allowed to an assistant....

    Just some food for thought....  take care,

    Joe Freitas

  • Hey Dave,


    I found myself in the same situation. My coverage is large based on individuals I have an greement with in an area. 25 mile radius of my BPO assistant's home address. I have several set up like this. I pay them $20 per BPO, $35 for interior.edit and upload. For every 15 BPO's they complete, I give them a bonus of a tank of gas. They bring the receipt. I issue a check. The bonus is to help out with milage and wear and tear on the vehicle. All drive econical vehicles for this purpose. No complaints other than, teach me more...


    Sounds like more expense than income considering the pay on some BPO's however, it's volume and it pays off! I have a couple BPO agents who do nothing but collect data,comps,etc. Start off with one or two and try it out and see how it works for you. You build as you train, mentor, duplicate the process started.


    My philosophy is " A half a loaf of bread is better than no bread"


    Best of luck to you Dave!



    • Thank you for the time to reply. I really appreciate it.

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