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Has anyone purchased Frank Patrick's REO Renegades or Chris McLaughlin's Six Figure BPO course? I've been trying to do some research on both to figure out if either have anything to offer. Or are they just making money off of selling these courses? Any reponse would be helpful.

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  • You might want to read my latest blog as a part of your decision making process. Personally, I have not used them and don't intend to.
    Desperate Agents Raise Funds for Asset Management Start Ups.
    Ok, this blog is going to cause a lot of friction however, please understand that is my goal. I really want to hear your thoughts, both the pro’s and…
    • Jim,

      I just caught your reference to the NFSTI manual - a big THANKS. We are building up an entirely new training program that I think you'll love if you liked the past manual(s).

      Better late than never I hope.

      Dan Waterman
  • Hi Lane. My partner and I purchased the course last spring, and it's ok. He has a decent list of AM companies, and email addresses and some phone numbers. Just make sure he doesn't sign you up on the monthly REO support program like he did my partner. It took her 3 months to reach him and have him stop billing her a monthly fee (not sure what it was, but it was around $50). He's a nice guy and finally did reimburse her for those months, but it was a time killer and a hassle. I think you can fish around on Google and get some of the same info for cheaper. If you're new to the business, go to NFSTI's website and download their free REO manual. It's awesome and should be required reading for anyone wanting to get into the business.
  • If you are looking to purchase a list of Asset Managers go to USA Data.com. That way the information is uptodate and you can purchase directly from a Data Capture Company.
    • I just tried to find out about a list of asset managers on USA Data.com and they told me they don't have that type of list. Do you have any other suggestions that I might try? I'm actually trying to find out how to break into the market of REO/bank owned properties. I've done alot of BPO's in the past several months but none have turned into listings. I've probably completed close to 100 within the last 6 months.
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