Ladies and Gentlemen of Real Estate:

I pray all is well with you in 2018 and beyond. You need to beware of the BPO mill called BrokerPriceOpinion and they also disguise as FirstValuation. This company/companies are nothing short of exploiters of realtors. They use realtors to complete bpos, but don't pay. Their so called COO, Brandy May is a crook. They have defrauded and stolen our services now and before they assume the name of of thousands of dollars. Such is the behavior of Brokerpriceopinion under COO, Brandy May!

I will appreciate each and all realtors within the State of Texas that might have been adversely impacted by Brandy May phony company/companies to contact me so that I can collate and submit the information for submission to Texas Attorney General for their action. We have to stop this unscrupulous company for taking advantage of us realtors!

Additionally, I will urge you to join me making life difficulty for Brandy May and her phony companies by accepting their orders , but not completing them. Since they have enjoyed fooling the realtors by using them to complete thousands of dollars bpos and not paying, we can lead them to think we can stupidly complete bpos again and get away paying for the completed orders, but don't act on them.

I thank you for your time and together we can run off the market place bad bpo mills!

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  • Hi,  I don't understand why they can't be stopped !!!  Brokers Price Opinion has been doing this for YEARS !!!  They take advantage of newer agents and agents new to BPOs .  They got me over 10 years ago. and after I was burned by them, I stopped working for them.  But over the years, they continue to call or email me from time to time.  I respond by telling them that their company has a WIDE and LONG reputation for not paying agents and that I have a family to feed and NO WAY would I EVER allow them to profit from my hard work EVER AGAIN!!!   And I never hear from that person again.  Why can they not be stopped when they have a long history of this??? This is just like STEALING !!!   

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