• All are correct hundreds more! Almost everywhere you turn you will find properties that they are the trustee for and almost every asset company will deal indirectly with them as they are many layers deep.

    The largest direct asset Co. that assigns their listings is "Litton Loan Services" which is locked to new broker/agents and has been for years. I was able to get a few of Littons properties a couple years back when they assigned some overflow to Tactical REO. Litton did pull the plug on Tactical REO, and I could not sign up direct even though I had sold over 25 properties for them.

    I do remember awhile back researching them as I had the same question. I never got anywhere as far as sign-ups or direct contacts but the history of this bank is fascinating as it dates back to the mid 1700's as "Bank of New York" which was in everything BIG, financing everything from steel mills to skyscrapers and overseeing the wealth of americas richest people, their merger with Mellon is only a few years old.
  • Citi also services some Mellon assets.
  • I get them from GMAC also.
  • Some times BONY could just be the trustee's of a foreclose property, best way is to track the attorney that foreclosed on the property,(registry of deeds) , they should know who is the asset management co. good luck
  • Hello Steel,

    Have 1 Reo listing now, the Mortgage Info says, First Guaranty Mortgage, has a Special Note that says, the legal name is "Bank of New York Melon".

    GMAC ResCap assigned it to me.
    • Thanks, Kimmie. Gives me a place to start.
      • Oh, It was assigned to me on ReoTrans
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