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I work for BofA direct and received an email that one of my listings has been identified for auction.  They still want me to maintain the utilities and be available for any help the auction people may have.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  What my role becomes?  Thanks for any help/advise!

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  • Cheryl,

    You should get an email from the auction company, then you will need to complete tasks on their website.  Note that the open houses are scheduled for 3 Saturdays (usually) before the auction, and you need to agree to do them--although you can use a "sitter" to do them for you.

    Auction company will drop off open house signs and a banner for the garage door.  Expect a lot of traffic, so have brochures and business cards, and we usually also have an instruction sheet for buyers and agents on the kitchen counter.


    Commission is reduced for the list side on some-- but still pretty good pre-auction.  You will need to direct buyer's agents to the auction website after the cutoff date--after that all offers have to go throught the website.


    First one is the hardest, after that it's simple--my advice to get used to the process for buyer's agents(because they will be calling you to make offers) is to put in a low offer, maybe use an investor you know, so you understand the process to make offers.


    That part is probably the most time-consumning, explaining to other agents how to make offers.


    Any specific questions, email me at

    • Thanks Rick... I just sent you a message


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