• Otis,

    There are many ways to attract buyers. I find the best way to get active buyers is Open House. Most people will not drive around and visit homes if they are not at least a catagory B buyer.

    A buyer Needs to buy within 30 days
    B Buyer Needs to by within 60 days
    C buyer Needs to buy within 90 days
    D buyer Doesn't need to buy

    Your objective is to sift through the buyers at Open House, or through Farming, or internet connection and after qualifying them as A,B,C, or D, offer them a service that no one in your are is offering. For example, do yourself a favor and preview every home in the area around your Open House, so when the buyer walks in you have information on other homes in the area. How many times have you held open house and the buyers are looking for something else? Well know what's out there and take them to what they're looking for and you'll have a client for life.

    Another idea is to send postcards or door hangers out in your farm with area information. Make mention of something like this "Want to pick your new Neighbor? Prices are at an all time Low and Interest Rates are fantastic. Contact me today to see how we can help your Friends and Family move to your Neighborhood". This has worked for me many times.

    Hope this helps.
    • Hi Troy, thank you very much for the advise, I am planning on holding some open houses very soon.

      thanks again
  • As a new agent, you really don't have any "experience" to rely on in order to bring in qualified buyers but, you do have knowledge and time to help.

    They key to attracting qualified buyers for a new agent is to become an expert through knowledge and let people know you can dedicate time to help them.

    Now, with that being said, let me tell you about some old school marketing ideas that work.

    1. Farming: Pick a couple apartment complexes and start a mailing campaign monthly. Obviously you want to pick a high end complex this way, you can almost bet that they got money and credit.
    2. Free Information: I still do this, I set up my laptop once monthly at my lcoal Panera Bread and on the back side of my laptop screen i place a sign that says, "Free Real Estate Advice"

    More up to date marketing techniques i use as well that are even more successful are.

    1. Blogging: Blogging is absolutely one of my best ways to attract buyers and sellers. After a couple of months of blogging it develops credibility for you and people take notice.
    2. Personal Website: I have gotten several leads from my personal website, and it has paid for it's self a couple of times over.

    Ok, so.....there ya go, 4 ideas, that are good ideas i would say so my self. So, now no excuses, get out there and make it happen. Only you are the worse thing that can happen to your success in real estate.
    • Hi Jesse, thank you very much for taking the time and your advise, I will tryout all 4 ideas. as far as the blogging is there a website I should go too start my blog?

      thanks again
  • When I started a few years ago the majority of my time as a new agent was invested call calling, reaching out to my sphere of influence and telling anyone I met about my new business. Obviously call calling is not as appealing given the "do not call" rules. Our company's agents are having tremendous success holding bank owned open houses. It is very inexpensive and easy to do. Most agents, even outside of your company, will gladly let you hold open houses on their listings. Some agents are also having success posting bank owned offerings on Craig's list. If you don't have access to bank owned inventory you want to focus on your sphere of inventory and everyone you meet. Remember that everyone needs a place to live and no matter where you go there is always potential clients whithin reach. Hope this helps and good luck with your real estate career!
    • Do you mean "cold" calling?
      • Yes, I meant to say "cold" calling instead of call calling. Thanks for helping out Brad!
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