Has anyone performed BPOs for Asset Valuation and Marketing (AVM). I recently received a couple of BPO orders from them but understand they do not lead to listings. I was informed they have sister companies that assign REOs. Does anyone know who these companies are? Thanks!

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  • Hello, I have done many BPOs for Asset Valuation and never had any problem with them as far as payment.  It takes about three to four weeks for me to get paid, but I never had a problem with them.

    As far as listings, I have never received any listings from them.  They don't give out listings.

  • I have done BPO's for AVM for over 15 years or more. They started here in SO Ca and relocated to CO. They are great to work with and pay reasonably quick. Their BPOs do not lead to REO listings, but if you do a good job and they take notice, let's just say they have the means to let others that can assign listings know that you do quality work. Good luck.

  • Assets Val is a great company but they won't lead to listings. They do have a sister company Atlantic pacific reo I think. Big time reo agent Tim Patterson is part president
  • They are an excellent company to work for.  They are strictly a BPO company and are extremely ethical.  They pay monthly and auto-deposit.  The people are very good at what they do AND they are nice.  Sister companies were CalREO AND Atlantic-Pacific - both are very strict companies.  Haven't had anything from them in the Akron Ohio area in a long time. AVM used to have huge Litton orders but Litton was bought out by Ocwen/Altisource.      

  • that would be quite a drive, lol.  Good luck in the future.


  • Thank you, I'll accept their recent request.  It's in Bolivar, MO.  Where are you located?

  • I got a request via email although I've never done one for this company before and went to checking to see how their payments go and will NOT do any BPOs for companies that someone on here has had problems with.  I'm also getting solicitations from Residential Real Estate Reviews and BPOfulfillment - never registered or done any.  BPOfulfillment expects someone such as me to travel over 120 miles roundtrip to do a BPO for $30.  Not me, been there, done that and I'm much wiser.

    Sharon Letson, Paramount Realty, Willard, MO

  • AVM is great, not picky, BPO never came back, payments are slow but steady.  Never and REO.

  • I have done BPO's for AVM for at least 6 years. They always pay without exception. They are not a flaky company. They were giving REO listings a while back but this may have changed.
  • They are a great company! Easy and fast form, they pay reliably, although their pay cycle is like monthly, and they respond to emails quickly. They pay 75 for rush orders, 50 for standard exterior. One of my faves!. I have been doing BPO's for them for years. They were giving classes every three months after which it was said you could qualify for REO listings. But I'm not sure they are still giving those classes. Anyone know?
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