Hey Ya'll

I just got my brokers license here in Texas and ventured off on my own, at my previous company I acquired distressed homes for a company with majority of them being REOs. Just wanted to see if it still worth trying to get into the REO business? Here in San Antonio there is about 6 agents that pretty much have it all locked down and have been doing them for years. 

Ive signed up for 15 or so valuation companies to start doing BPO's, have only got one assignment emailed to me but was quickly taken by another agent. Please give me your thoughts/advice I would really appreciate it.

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          • I'm in San Diego, Ca. Can you please share what companies you work for, if you don't live in my Location? And how are you able to do that kind of volume?

  • I received a check from Valuation Vision for $35 yesterday so I was able to fill up my car with gas...:P

  • Not only am I still doing about eight Bpo's per day, but I also started a website to train Agents on how to acquire them. I also average about 3 to 5 listings per month. I train Agents on how to acquire the listings as well. If you would like to receive training, feel free to call me at 773-459-7652. Or, just check out my site at www.reoeducation.com.
    • where are you located Jonathan>?

    • And where are you located?  There has been no BPO or REO volume in South Florida fro the last 2 years, and this year it is down to ZERO.

  • BPO's have dropped off as have the REO"s, I mainly invest now, I've got tired of less pay for my services on BPO's & REO's 

    Work the buyers looking for REO's, made a good living doing so. 

    • Have just about quit BPO's no money in it any more, to much work, tired of banks charging $250 to their clients and only paying $40-45, also they want you to do rental research ( excuse me I'm not in property management ). Been doing BPO's for 22 years and it's the worst I've ever seen it, so it's time to make a change.  

      I'm buying an many REO's I can get my hands on right now, I'll hold them for 2-3 years and resell since the market is buming again. 

      Time to quit the non -paying work

      • I am generating good income, yes. I average $4,000 per month doing BPO's. That doesn't even include working with buyers and sellers. Getting back into the flipping scene again as well. 

        • Matt, I was doing the same type of volumes until the first of Feb. Then it just stopped. 

          • Same here in SW Florida.  Nothing going on this month. 

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