Applied valuation

I was contacted to do a bpo for this company and I was told I had to use a user name and password of another person to enter data. This is an interior for $125.00.

When I signed in with the UN and PW provided a name popped up with access to her profile. I looked at it and it showed she was licensed in every state and was getting $165.00 for this bpo.

When I asked if I could have my own user name and password she said no, not for this particular company. Her name is on the report as being the person doing the bpo.

It seems to me she is outsourcing and misleading that she , personally is doing the inspection and bpo.

She is using the Real Trans/Altisourse platform.

Anyone else have this experience?

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  • This is probably interstate fraud and, therefor a case to report to the FBI & the FTC. It is your duty to report this deception to these entities here in the Land of the Deceived & the Home of the Enslaved.

  • Carol  you made a wise decision.  In all of my years doing BPO's I have never heard of this and don't think I would have either!  Real Trans/Altisource is the only one I have ever used on this platform,  

  • Thanks Cece,

    With the red flags and my gut feeling I declined the BPO. 

  • Applied Valuation's sign up page requests your brokerage info and tax id. Did you supply those?  Did they say how you will be paid. Did they ask for your W9 ?  Something is missing here. 

  • I do not know of any company other than Altisource that uses Realtrans.  This sounds like an agent outsourcing their work.  I wouldn't do it.  I don't know of any individual agent who is licensed in every state - just companies like Altisource. 

    I also do not know Applied Valuation.  Are you saying that this agent IS Applied Valuation?  Did the contact at AP say why the fee is different and why you have to submit under another person's name? 

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