• I am working with them currently. I haven't had any issues and if you have worked with PMH or any other Fannie Mae AM co. it's the same Fannie Mae processes. I started working with them about 3 months ago with a first listing from them and they already sent me another one. They use their own preservation company (I love that). So good.

    • Just looked them up, OWENREO is a east coast company, do they give out BPOs and Listings on the west coast? My area is Southern CA. Thanks.
  • Did one BPO with them in April. Didn't get paid until Sept. At that time they required an invoice for payment. They didn't announce that, but I complied and it still took months. I've heard others say they're great, but my one experience didn't bear that out.
  • I haven't but I would like to, can you send me application process?
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