• Nothing to run from now since I haven't heard from them at all. Man all that money and time we spent going down south. Not including the sign up fee, that trip cost me about $1,500!

  • Israel,

    Run! Run! Run!

    Read all the latest comments, then run!

  • Any feedback on this company?  Should I sign up with them??  Anything anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Have a great afternoon!

    • Please read the discussion and decide for yourself. 

  • I paid for their seminar several years ago. Then a week later they called for me to complete a BPO for them & completed it never got pay, called them many times and never got a call back.  Scam!   NO REO!!! 

  • Just curious on this company... I applied, got assignment with promise of BofA REO assignments.....their assignment and BPO form required tons of work so I didn't even finish one work! I was going thru my old emails and saw their info. Does anyone know anything on this company?

    • DO NOT TRUST Bridge Asset Services. I got stiffed to about $1100. They did not perform in our contract and I deserve to get my money back. I had conversations with Angelique and Bobby, mostly. They said they will look into it. They also never paid me for a BPO. I have repeatedly contacted the office and they won't answer.  They avoid phone calls and emails. They are con artists in my opinion. Attorney General So. California should be showing up at their door any day. 

      If you want more details, email me directly at


      There is also a negative posting on

    • Why didn't you finish the BPO?

  • Are there any current updates on this company?  Thanks.
  • I am curious as well whether anyone who went to Bridge's opening conference last year has ended up making any money working with them.  I carefully considered going and ultimately did not (primarily because I couldn't afford to go).  I wonder if I made a good call.  Any experiences that anyone can share?
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