I found some old threads but several years old

Am I safe providing BPO services for this company?

I have never worked for them before

Thanks in advance for any feedback from all my friends on REO pro  who have saved me so many $s over the years


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  • They are good to work with.  Basically, what I get is drive by inspection type work.  Take typical exterior photos and they pay $15-$20.  Plus, they give you like 10 days to get it done so it can fit well with other BPO's that you might get. I have never had an REO assignment but it still works for me.

  • Great company.  I wish I could do bpo's for them all day.  Pay on time as well.  Jason

  • they pay on time and site is easy to maneuver . I get a handful a year and did receive on reo assignment. 

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