• I have worked with RRR since about 2006.  They have always paid. They have always been  cooperative in price and wants of my own when it came to valuations and explanations that may have differed in a past valuation. and have always negotiated pay. I appreciate them 

  • Worked with them for a long time. They use a blast out system and it drives me crazy to be beaten out if Im not watching the screen---they pay me $50 for driveby and have always paid. Their forms are easy. Unlike some others here---Ive never seen them negotiate anything

  • Get it right the first time or you will be talking to people in India who you cannot understand.

  • Does anyone do appraisal work for or is this all for BPO?

  • Good Company, have worked with them for years.  I get $100.00 per exterior with turn times sometimes out 7-10 days, Hate doing interiors, but have gotten up to $250.00 when I do them.  The biggest down side is the multiple times they will call on one order.  Forms are easier then most.

  • I've been working with RRR since 2009 and their drive by fees in my area are $50-75 and interior fees $65-90 both depending on how far I have to drive. Their form is very easy and they use to pay within 2 weeks but its now up to 30 days.

  • Thank you all

  • They pay in 30 days or less, always. Very reliable there. Compensation can be low unless you negotiate higher. QC is on you though with them, so get it right the first time & don't be late or your phone & email will be blowing up. :)

  • I've worked with RRReview since 2003. They pay in about 30 days. I've noticed lately that they've reduced their fees to as low as $40 for a drive-by BPO. They use to pay more in Colorado. Lately, it's difficult to get assignments. When you get a broadcast they're ususally gone. Agents crab them up quickly. Herman   

  • Worked with them for 12 or 13 years. Pay on time, relatively easy forms, get $50-60 for an exterior (I don't do interiors anymore). They usually won't negotiate fees, I've tried but usually they'll call for days trying to place the order rather than give you a bump on the fee. They do broadcast orders. I go through periods where I'm luckly if I can accept 1 or 2 out of 10 orders and other times where I can get 90%+ percent of the ones I want. Their QC and sometimes be a pain, not usually but every once in a while they'll kick one back for stupid reasons.

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