• I too, have experienced a huge difference in volume during the last 3 months.  What companies are still sending a fair amount of BPO's?

    My hubby saw in the Wall Street Journal that some asset management companies are outsourcing the entire BPO to India...using google maps. I thought this was not legal.  Has anyone else read that article? Are BPO's going to go away stateside?  I'm concerned. Thanks.

    • It was about Blackrock borrowing from Deutsche to buy a multimillion dollar package of foreclosures.  Only outlawed for traditional purchases. Note this discussion is from 2010. I suggest starting a new discussion  

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  • mine died off, but another agent just north of me can't keep up. The blast e mail orders appear to be being picked up by an automated system..I can't log in fast enough to get them! they text directly to my phone, but by the time I am logged in, gone to another agent for Res Net and Clear Capital. Ocwen I ignore
  • yes, I have been slow since mid January. I tried signing up with new company's and doing other things to grow my business. I hope things turn around soon.
  • Half the bpo's for january
  • Not the first one for December or January! :(
  • I've seen an increase, not just my own, but in blasts that I can't get to.
  • I think it depends which company for January. I got over $2000 worth from one company, while others about $200 to $300. Some have changed their form with adjustments. I wonder if these BPO companies will survive if they get less work. I did see a slow down from a couple of companies I worked with. Must be heavy competition for them too.

    Just a FYI - one did asked me if I do commercial. I told him "No, I don't do commercial." And I noticed a couple of sites added commercial. Guess I need to checkout commercial BPO training to see if it worth my time. Someone did say COMPs are not easy to find.
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