How much do you get for their exterior and interior BPOs?

Their reports are so long and tedious to complete between all the information they want and listings, tax records, and other docs they want uploaded.. Just isn't worth the $50 or $75. Does anyone get more per BPO than that?

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  • I finally gave up on AVM. Everytime I accepted one of their BPO requests, I regretted it afterwards. I feel like the only BPOs I received, were the ones other agents turned down because they were difficult valuations. Just not worth $50 for hours and hours of work.

  • I requested $100 on the last interior BPO and they did accept it right away.

  • I have done quite a few, they are not too bad on the call backs.  I rarely do them for the offered fee as we are rural and sometimes it can be a two hour round trip drive plus the time to fill in the paperwork.  I normally see 5 plus hours of work and I don't work for less than $20/hr.

  • The last 2 I did for Emortgagelogic were picked apart by their QC guy to such an extent that it turned into a big fight so I just said that I couldn't play his little game as every number I put in was ...not adequate....and it was impossible to finish the BPOs.  The 2 were were way out in a very rural area and I won't do any more for them.  They just aren't worth the time spent and I was charging them $120-150.  

  • AVM's form is typical.  I find it relatively easy to fill out.  I spend roughly 30 to 45 minutes completing their forms.  I guess I may just know the form and fields well enough to tab through pretty quickly.  AVM pays regularly and has never dragged out payments like some in this business.

    • I find their form to be atypical. I don't have any other BPO companies requesting I upload copies of the listings, tax records etc. Their form isn't difficult to fill out, just every little extra piece of information they request (ex. detailed zoning information) just adds to the time it takes to complete it.

      • Discussion Participants,

        Just a question but do you all use a multiple monitor system or single monitor?



        • Single monitor, is that the problem? Never thought about having 2, good idea!

          • I agree with Elias it is not worth it no matter what they pay, they always come back with something that they want changed and then it takes forever.  I quit doing them

          • I use a 4 monitor system.  I found that it takes too long to open and close or tab through the various windows.  I have one open for MLS.  One open for Tax data or File Manager(Pictures and Pdfs), One for e-mail to not miss orders, and One for the client form.  It really helps with the cut and paste.  That is where I may have an easier time than you and others.  Also the pictures and pdfs can be dragged in dropped on some of our clients sites.  For less than $400, I was able to take out 10 to 20 minutes per order.

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