Any experiences to share using Bidselect?

Has anybody had any experience with obtaining listings through Bidselect or registered for their BrokerSelect Network?

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  • Thanks for the insight Jose.
  • Thanks Ranjit and Jesse for the info. I have recently signed up directly with First Preston as well. I was just wondering if BidSelect's BrokerSelect Network subscription was a prerequisite to get listings from First Preston.
    • Hi Nick,

      Do you mind sharing how you signed up with First Preston just recently? Are you in the areas that they're looking for agents at this point? I'm from CA and I've tried to sign with them to no avail.

      Thanks Nick
    • I don't think they are a "pre" requisite but, they are required.
      • As Jesse explained it is a platform for buyers agent to submit an offers. I don't think you will get a listings from them but I could be wrong. They have preferred Agent where you pay $99/year.
  • BidSelect is also used as a part of their HomeTelos Program for Short Sales however, BidSelect doesn't give you's just a tool to allow buyer's agents to enter in their offers, write them up on their contracts and, allows First Preston's client to review them, counter them, approve them or reject them.

    If you want REO listings from First Preston, you have to become a part of their listing network which Ranjit can most likely tell you more about.

    If you want Short Sales from First Preston, you need to become a part of the HomeTelos network. Just be prepared to take on a lot of liability.
  • First Preston uses bidselect for their listings and i'm their listing agent but never received any listing from someone else.
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