Any Body heard of BankerREO

I was contacted by BankerREO they ask me if I want to sign in with them for a one time fee of $349.00. and in return I would be getting BPO's and a possibility of those turning into a listing. Did any body worked with them before? Should I pay the $349.00 hoping to get listings?  

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  • Oh yes....there is some info. out there on them. Plenty of agents sending them money with nothing in return. They promise 75.00 BPO's etc.... Save you money....

  • I was contacted this morning. I am curious... as to why I cannot find any negative postings or comments for all of 2012. Has this company made an about face? Is there anyone whom has had a positive experience with Bankerreo?

    Thank you for your responses.

  • I signed up for the $349.00 back in Early June after a freebe bpo in May..  thinking like of of us that I will get some bpo work and hope for 6-8 listings a year.  havent heard from them since; now 7 months later I feel robbed; by the way; did some detective work on my only bpo with them and that property wasnt even in preforeclosure or short sale..  enough said;;  dont spend the money

    • Yes but the bank was able to get my money back because they were aware of them.

  • Run, run, run, bad news that's all I say.

  • scammmerssssssssssss

  • so I just called the number for AbsREO, I did pay the few hundred bucks several months back. I had a really good month and they had 2 BPOs (which i was quickly paid for) I figured, why not...get access, see what they are doing.  Well, I emailed the other day and got a response...sorry, we are working on getting more assets...blah blah blah, lies, blah, more lies.  So I tried to call the number on the email.  It sounds like a small child, but could be a woman with an accent.  It sounds like a HOME answering machine.  Everyone should call and listen to it. 


  • Bad news need I say more

  • Claudio:

    I recommend you review The Realtor  forums on REOPRO and do some research.  I just received an email from BankerREO inviting me to join. 





  • BankerREO is trying to get my business but I checked them out on REOpro first and I'm glad I did. I told them I had heard bad things about them and the person got defensive but interestingly never denied any of the things I said about their company, like only one BPO and then no listings. One question I have has anyone gotten what they say they will deliver, anyone? Care to step up?  Tell us they gave you some listings?  I'd love to know. 

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