• Both are excellent certifications...however they will achieve different results. The A-REO cert is as you stated required by FREDDIE MAC and Old Republic Default. As a FREDDIE MAC list agent, it is my understanding that to be considered and qualify for FREDDIE this certificate is NOT required unless/until chosen to be on-boarded. FREDDIE, to my knowledge, is on-boarding agents ONLY in limited areas and then it is by invitation coupled with a face-to-face interview. Old Republic does require the applicant to hold this certification prior to selection (details contact REOVM)...i.e.   A-REO is geared for REO. NABPOP is a BPO certifying organization that enhances BPO providers standards of practice, procedures and creditability to BPO companies. Please note that NABPOP has two levels: 1) General membership 2) General membership + BPO Certification training/exam. My opinion is the certification by passing the exam is of high importance and without, you are simply a member who paid dues....Please note: the exam is very difficult and majority of agents take 3-4 attempts prior to passing. That is what gives this certification genuine value. Side Note: NABPOP does not give out BPO assignments.       


      Thank you so much for your excellent explanation, Byron.

      I am thinking of signing up with Old Republic to do BPOs for assets, which is why the question regarding A-REO .

      I had heard the NABPOP test was difficult and it took those I spoke with several times to pass it, as you said.  I agree, the certification seems like it would be at least a persuading factor if an AMC were choosing between agents to partner with.

      I am now thinking of doing the NABPOP test first. 

      I have been a REO listing agent since Feb. 2008, but with the slow down in assets, I am trying to reach out to more AMCs for business.

      • I would do the NABPOP first and get CPV (Certified Property Valuator) certified. I have experienced that this certification does open doors that have appeared closed. Take the time & effort to get really good with BPO work...which may take awhile. Complete your BPO's for the fee offered.... Any REO listings that come is the 'icing on the cake' .... Personally, I do not do BPO's for free with the 'promise of potential listings'... the BPO & REO are two independent jobs. My best to you!

  • Good morning:

    I've never heard of A-REO, Can you tell me a litle bit?

    I am a CPE from NABPOP and a memeber; I recommend it to you.


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