• Did anyone get setup with this company?  How is it going?  Any feedback you can provide?

  • I was just contacted by them as well. They asked if I would like to be signed up with them for bpos. I'm leery too as I have been burnt before doing orders for companies that don't pay. Does anyone have an experience with them?

  • Diane, they have called me twice, but I haven't done anything with it yet. Like you, I am weary of being burned.
    • What kind of work are they offering?

      • Bpos.
        • That's kind of odd for a title/closing company.

  • What kind of work are they soliciting for?  Are you a signer?

  • Can't imagine sending you a package just to ask you if you've heard of them.
    • lolollolololol

    • they sent me a package to fill out to do work for them but i  don't know this company

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