AHMSI - Not selling their REOs?

A buyer submitted an offer on an AHMSI property months ago with no response, property still available (it's in Fredericksburg, VA). Listing agent says she's lost contact with them. I found another agent who has several AHMSI listings (in NJ) and he says it's the same thing for him - no contact with his clients.Anyone have contacts with anyone at AHMSI that might be interested to learn they have offers sitting on properties where buyers have waited MONTHS for a response; or have they decided to hold these long term?Feel free to contact me privately.

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  • Can anyone help me out with a contact at AHMSI. I've tried calling and emailing the person they gave me and I keep getting an email error mesg.
  • Hi All:
    I also work with AMHSI and I have to agree with all th agents working with this company. Only the Listing Agent can get things moving. I also need to add that many of this AM have many assets that have been re-assign to them since the close their branch in CA. Last but not least, they work with FAS a company that is in charge of securing and property maintenance, and Jackson & Associates a Law Firm that helps them with their evictions and C4K. I hope this helps.
  • Hi Vicky,

    It sounds like the LA you were working with is way out of the loop at this time since it has been months. I know how frustrating it is for BA and Buyers when there is not a immediate (1 week) response from the AM, but that does sometimes happen. Have you resubmitted your offer? It has to be expired by now and I know it is expired from their online system! If your buyers are still interested in the property, submit a new offer on it!

    This does sometimes happen with AHMSI and the listing agent is the only one who can find out what is going on (but not after months like your situation) via Sales Rep, Eviction Coordinator, Closing Coordinator etc. I have been working their properties for 18 months and sometimes it is their online system that simply makes offers/closing contracts/etc just disappear or get 'stuck' in their system, another time the AM just got up and walked from their desk....and out the building.

    Remember these AMs have hundreds of cases they are working and so when their system screws up or an AM gets bogged down or walks out, it usually goes unnoticed for a while. I have never had months go by, because I am asking, asking, asking what is going on with the asset until I get an answer and it gets 'unstuck' or another AM assigned to it.

    I hope this helps!
  • Wilbur Ross & Co. are the new private equity owners of AHMSI and have been active in buying and selling various mostly sub-prime and alt-A mortgage portfolios. I recently had a buyer wait about 4 months after the original COE date before an AM final signed the HUD and Deed to close, this was originally a GMAC note that was purchased by AHMSI while we were in escrow. It took months for them to complete the transaction. Good luck.
  • I sell properties for them and have for the past year. they had a huge changing of the guards so to speak. They moved their entire REO dept to TX. I had the same thing happen to me but I have it straightened out now. I will give you the top dog to talk to if you will contact me.
    • Carolyn,

      I have been trying to get into AHMSI for a while but have not been successful. I would love any contact info you have. I am also willing to share. email me: ryan@wattsliving.com.
  • My experience with AHMSI is that occasionaly asset managers leave or properties are reassigned. These properties then fall between the cracks until someone shoots an email to the previous asset managers email address or locates a phone number. Only the listing agent can make any progress.
  • Hi Vicky,
    We do a lot of business with AHMSI in Indiana and we have very good communication from the AMs. If you can get me an address or two, I can pass the info on to my contacts.
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