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REO Pro Network has been endorsing Agent's Corner, based on that endorsement I signed up with Agent's Corner.  I set up the account and the campaign/spend exactly how the Agent Corner rep said and after several months no leads.  I asked the rep if there was possibly something wrong with the campaign and his response was that lead volume was slow in my market and to up the spend per lead... After several more months still not a single lead.  I asked to cancel as this was obviously not working.  The rep told me to go into my account and pause the campaign which I did on August 3rd and the rep said he would send over the cancellation, nothing, I followed up with an email to the the rep on 8/13 with no response and again today.

I gave this eight months to work and it didn't, not a single lead.  They have $500 of my money and they don't seem to want to give it back.  Anyone know a contact there?

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  • The bottom line is it finally worked out. Sad you had to be super persistent to get it fixed.
  • Thanks for the help, ultimately they did make this right.
    • I'm glad they were able to resolve it for you Shawn!
  • I touched base with Agent's Corner - they issued a full refund & showed me a copy of the receipt, which was on Sept 2nd (same day as the post). Thanks for bringing this to our attention!!!
  • Hey Shawn,

    Who have you been talking with over there? Let me know and I will follow up for you.
  • Hi Shawn, I'm sorry this hasn't worked out for you. I have received a few emails asking me to sign up. I have not looked into it. Thank you for alerting us and best of luck getting your money back.
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