"Active Assets"- Are they REAL???

    Hi Everyone--- been some time since I've posted but I recv'd a call from someone named Adam. He claims he's an asset manager from "Active Assets" and has a listing for me. He wants me to pay him $300.00 as an advance on repairs/maintenance that I'll get back at closing.  

    Personally, I've never had an asset manager ask me to pay him 300.00 and actually wait to recv my CC info????  Whaaaaaaat??? Can anyone here advise if they've heard of this company or doing business w/ them??


Thank You!!!  Rose

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  • Report them to the attorney general.

  • I can't believe this stuff is still going on. Anyone who asks you to pay them to become part of their network or to use their platform because it is better than any other platform and this is the only way to get listings, it is out right a deceit and fraud. 

  • I am going to explain this simply:  DO NOT EVER PAY FOR LISTINGS unless you are using a platform -  but asset managers will never ask you to pay for a listing.  Just say no..

  • Sounds like a scam.

  • Here's an update---- the property he was assigning to me dosntr even have a lis pends on it........ scammmmmmmm unless, someone here can tell me different!! We need to watch our backs!!!


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