Has anyone heard of Absolute REO Solutions.  I received a call to join their company but they have a fee to join.  I received a call from an individual asking for credit card number.  I called the main company first but nobody is ever there.  It's leave a message and we will get back to you.  I want to make sure they are legit.

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  • Stay away.

    • They are also now known as Banker REO.

  • I got burned last year by them. Thought they were legit like ResNet, or other companies. I received the BPO Bone, and NOTHING after that. I'm going to let my subscription lapse.
  • Just plug in absolut reo into the look up box-------- then run like the wind--- they are rip offsssssss.....
    • thanks for the info. I've never had an asset management company call me to join their company. Usually it's the agents that have to go out and look for companies. I figured they were a rip off company. Thanks again for the heads-up. Rick
  • Ton of stuff on this site about them. A lot of us have paid them their fee and left holding an empty bag. Don't waste your money.
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