• Good company to work with!
    • Hi Isaac, thanks for responding.

  • Thank you all. Well, I accepted the listing. It's a doozie but I hope it will lead to future more profitable assignments. :)

    By the way, if you haven't already enrolled with 24 Asset Management, I suggest you do it. I had an assignment 4 days after enrolling. It was a pretty good listing. The one glitch is that you must be a member or join LPS Desktop invoicing for 49.00 one time fee forever. In other words, you pay, they reimburse. Not ideal but we gotta do what we gotta do. Right? I'm just trying to get listings under my belt so the BIG dogs will consider me.

    I also received the Equity Point listing from being found on 24.

    Happy Real Estate....Hope 2013 is a better year for all.

    • They do have nice ones. The one I sold was over $300k when the average price in my market is around $180k. The two preforeclosures are also over $300k. Good luck with your new listing!

      • Wow Derrick! That's fantastic. Unfortunately, I did not accept the listing after all. You might know this one was just way beyond what I could control with a 44 mile and from. No comps for the serious issues this 113 yr old home has. Looked out 35 miles. erggg. I felt it would be in the best interest of the AM and their client to get an agent closer in proximity.

        3 Point will not accept land value only....too bad, that's all it's worth. Oh, next time lol

        • Well hopefully they will respect that, just make sure you tell them its out of your service area and you would not be able to provide the quality that you expect of yourself. Let them know you are interested in helping them in the future.

          • I did just that :) Certainly want to maintain a good relationship. I sent the AM all my photo's as well and offered to help locate a closer agent...That's just my personality. I get upset if I can't do's a good trait I guess but sometimes it drives me nuts. HA! You gotta have nerves of steel to do our job Right??


  • I have had good luck with 3 Point / Equity Pointe. I would recommend you accept the assignment. I have closed one asset for them. They may ask you to periodically do some free BPOs; I will always do those as well. They may lead to assignments. I have two in pre-foreclosure with 3 Point. Right now I am assisting to help the owners save their homes which I sincerely hope can be done. But if not, I will receive the listing if they go REO.

  • Equity Pointe is an outsourcer.  I had some Fannie Mae properties with them when they were a Fannie AMP.  I don't know who their other clients are but its a legit company.

    • Thank you so much. Makes me feel better about taking the listing you guys. Will let you know how it works out.

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