2020 REO Companies

What are the most recent REO companies, that are legit, that everyone has signed up for? 

As the industry has changed so much over the dozen years I think we should use this discussion page to note good REO companies in the new decade...

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  • I know reoexperts lost Chase as a client. Does anyone know who new company is? Feel bad for the asset managers at REO experts, looks like website is gone now as well. I'm guessing they folded and laid everyone off.
    • Jeff, did you ever hear anything back on this?
      • No, I know 24 Asset got a fair amount of the Chase work after Reoexperts folded, but not sure who has that contract with Chase now.
  • There a few REOs in my area anymore. (Bend, OR - hot spot) Most have been in the system for many, many years before they get resolved to be finally foreclosed on and listed. I am still signed up with Equator, Summit Valuations, DispoSolutionsr/Excelleras, SWB, and Pyramid, but as stated before not many foreclosures. I have not re-signed up with Res.Net due to the cost and NO REOs from them for two years.
    Due to COVID, I think we will see more in the future, but they are going to be a long time coming and will be going through court battles due to loss of income no fault of the homeowner. Just my humble opinion on this last part.
  • What it the best way to get on the asset managers top of mind to get assignment. Thanks in advance.
    • Hi Michael, I am not sure what area you live in, but if you are in a thriving real estate market, there might not be but a small handful of REOs. Have you checked the NOD lists to see how many are being foreclosed on in your area?
      • Hey Linda, where do you get your NOD lists from?
        • One of my local Title Companies sends them out. Check with the title companies in your area. Most have a NOD they send out monthly - but it has not had many properties for some time now.
  • Many of the companies I used to be registered with no longer service my area in Central Florida. it seems that several merged or do not assign from my area.
    • Many liens are sold wholesale to Hedge Fund LLCs. or go to Auction now. They still need agents and order bpos. They often will reach out to the agents that do the best bpos.
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