Would you buy used underwear at a garage sale?


My mom is a garage sale warrior. She’s constantly on the prowl for the next great deal she might uncover on an unsuspecting Saturday morning drive. I on other hand will swing by on occasion lacking the enthusiasm that she usually arrives with. As I rummage through old frames, board games with missing pieces, and the occasional  holiday sweater, I’m always amazed that near the clothes there are used underwear!!

Who buys used underwear? Although these undergarments have been cleaned, the reality is these cotton have touched, supported, and wiped the very most intimate parts of our bodies. I’ve seen them with worn elastic and even the faint proverbial skidmark. Even at 50cents, I think it’s worth the extra money to buy these new and fresh. Where you know what you’re getting into.

Currently the GSEs, Fannie and Freddie (along with many other banks) are steering their eviction coordinators and pre-marketers towards the idea that tenant-occupied properties make the single family home more attractive, especially to investor purchasers.  My partner and I have sold maybe 2 dozen of these tenant-occupied properties, but almost all have been problematic and the investors have NOT considered the tenant occupant a positive selling feature.  I’d say it’s a lot like buying a used pair of underwear. The price may be slightly better, but you don’t know what kind of crap may have went down in the tenancy or boxers you now are the proud owner of.

Anyone had a different take on this? Good experience when buying used underwear or selling tenant-occupied SFRs?

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  • Gross picture but I agree with you. Plus in my market owner occupied buyers are being muscled out by investors which is not necessarily good for communities.

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