Wells Fargo reduces Reo Agent from their rosters

Just got word that Wells Fargo had a meeting today and is cutting agents from their rosters. They mention that due to decrease in foreclosures.. Has anyone heard this also. I know one agent that got cut today from them.
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  • Yes, PAS/Wells recently dropped me after donig business for 6 years and I had a high agent score.   But not worried as the new Aspengrove system was a nightmare and wasted too much time working with it.  PAS used to be the best to work with, now they are NOT!

  • Florida, Ft Lauderdale area. Very cowardly way of doing it via email with no way to appeal.
  • I'm in Western North Carolina.
  • Thanks everyone, I was wondering if this was happening only in my state, Illinois. What state are you in Karla and Monica.
  • Happening here. Experienced agents who have worked with Wells Fargo for years are being cut.
  • Yes, an agent in my office that handled REOs for Wells Fargo for years was cut and the inventory given to an agent 50 miles away.  Weird
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