OK - my patience has worn thin - I am now going to fight back - I am compiling a list of all companies that I have paid money to join in order to hopefully get business. I am tired of the scams. I will be filing a complaint with these companies through the Better Business Bureau and my state's and their state's Attorney General's Offices. Then I am going to take it to the media. It is time that these scams stop and it is time that WE, as Realtors, stop paying their ridiculous fees. I am not talking about the companies that are legit, only the ones that do not appear to be. I really think it is time that an investigation is done!!
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  • And what about reimbursements on listings you've already got?
    Some of these asset managers expect, and get, us putting up 10s of thousands of dollars for CFKs, repairs etc.
    And wouldn't ya know it - some don't reimburse.................the excuses are pathetic -
  • Cindy-I feel your pain. It's not enough that we basically work for free..in hopes that one of our properties, or buyers will actually close..but now we are expected to pay for the "opportunity" to get future business. Your bpo blog regarding who does & doesn't pay has been a great resource- hopefully this one will be the same.
  • What about the ones you have been getting listing from now you have to pay to keep getting the listings!!!!
  • Don't do anything on impulse. Do some research and ask other agents about companies. I know we strive hard to have THE BEST reputation in the industry. I've spent alot of $$$ as an agent myself, and was also disgusted at what I saw at the REO Expo myself.

  • Has anyone filed complaints with the BBB or their state's attorney general? It is not just one company but several - what is more disheartening is that these companies are showing up at Conferences such as REOMAC, FiveStar, REOExpo and others. You would think that REOMAC, etc would screen these companies before allowing them to be one of the exhibitors. I have complained to REOMAC but never received a response. This is true of the BPO mills that you to do 10 BPOs then don't pay but move on to the next unsuspecting Realtor. And why isn't NAR involved? What are my dues being used for? Sorry to be on my soapbox but I am really tired of seeing agents like us continuously being ripped off!
  • I agree, one way is do reserch on forums, such as this one
    hopefuly from another persons expierence posting may be a
    deciding factor to pay or not to pay. Let's share the expierence
    good, bad, and ugly people. I didn't see the name of the company
    that got you to post or were you speaking in general?
  • I don't know of any company that guarantees listings even when you pay their fees or take their required courses.clicks

    It would seem to me that before sending money to these folks that one does their research here and other online resources. Additionally, if you do fall victim to a so-called "scam" company that you be sure to post your experiences so that others don't fall into the same trap.
  • Not to damper your spirits but, may I make a small suggestion?

    You aren't the first one to complain with the BBB and their State Attorney General's office so, may I suggest you ask the network who else has followed this course of action and if they were or weren't successful, why.

    This way you can avoid making similar mistakes and end up at least that successful, if not more.
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